oxenfree endings

oxenfree endings

2017. 10. 6. - Oxenfree features a number of interchangeable ending scenarios. Decisions made in an individual playthrough effect the final outcome for the . I was disappointed that while we got to see how many % of players picked the same choices that we did, we could not see what the other . 2017. 10. 28. - Oxenfree has several complex endings and we got Night School Studios Co-Founder Sean Krankel to talk about them. He also teased a . 2016. 1. 28. - Oxenfree has various alternative endings that combine from your choices through the game to make up how Alex's story finishes. These are all . 2016. 1. 19. - The teen-centric paranormal puzzler Oxenfree might be short, but it packs plenty of player choice that results in an array of alternate endings. 2016. 11. 12. - This guide will show you to get all achievements, endings, anomalies, and adler notes 2016. 1. 23. - Do you get different endings if you made different choices? Were there any special considerations for what you did throughout the game that . Endings 링크로 이동 - Endings[edit]. In an epilogue, Alex reveals the fate of the characters, with Nona's picture of the group shown and the outcomes .

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